While some say that only vaccinated players will play, others claim that a 14-day quarantine will be enough, so the entire tennis world is waiting for the final “verdict”.

It is known that Novak has not revealed whether he has been vaccinated or not, but that is why he “does not know if he will go to Australia”.

The problem is that if you are on a plane with someone who has coronavirus, regardless of whether that person has been vaccinated, you have to be in your room for 14 days. This happened to Victor Troicki this year, and not only him, 70 players were quarantined. I’ve talked to a lot of guys and they have bad memories, so I don’t know if I’ll go to Australia. The situation is not good at the moment – Djokovic said exclusively to Blake.

Baker: Athletes must be vaccinated sooner or later

Now, former Novak coach and tennis legend Boris Becker, who respects Djokovic’s right to privacy, but believes he will have to be vaccinated sooner or later, has also spoken.

Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker

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Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker

I understand that Djokovic does not want to reveal whether he has been vaccinated. His right and privacy must be respected. On the other hand, if he wants to continue in professional tennis, he will have to accept the rules that apply to everyone. The state of Victoria is looking for evidence of vaccination and it has nothing to do with what we all think. If the Australian government makes such a decision, there is only one solution – Baker said, as reported by Index.hr and added:

I know what I mean when I say that tennis players are free spirits. We don’t like it when they push us into the drawers. Yes, I heard the numbers and was surprised how many tennis players were not vaccinated on the tour. However, if you look at what is happening in the world, the number of vaccinations is constantly increasing and this is positive. Athletes need to be aware – if they want to continue their career, sooner or later they will have to get immunized. I understand that everyone has their own beliefs, but the rules must be followed.


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