The series will air on Netflix from December 17.

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When we said in the title that it was Season two Got a horrible announcement that we thought was stronger and more exciting, less terrifying than the intimidating action, but it’s not so important now – it’s important that Witcher series Its second season has premiered.

After a lot of short screenings and everything related to the new season – finally something good, strong and what we were waiting for!

Netflix will start broadcasting Geralt’s new season Since December 17th and for that reason we have received a new video announcing what the new season will bring ৷

The first season of 2019 broke all rating records Netflix streaming network, Korean squid did not occupy game titles and relays during this fall.

Still, Announcement for the Witcher series That means her second season has everything she needs – a dark environment, lots of magic, monsters, action and an angry Geralt!

I guess the creators of the series wanted to tell everyone that we’ll see what Geralt can do and fans of the squid game series are a little less happy.

Announcements, see details The Witcher is the second of the season We have already given and let us know your impressions!

Witcher Season 2 Trailer Video
Source: Netflix

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