The owner of a crypto wallet had a disposition to invest when investing $ 3,400 in Shiva Inu (SHIB) coins last year. Today he is a millionaire.

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In addition to the mentioned investment, the person who owns the mentioned crypto-wallet had other transactions when it comes to SHIB coins whose total investment is about 12 12,000. Smart investment has increased, and the owner has not sold SHIB coins, valued at about 63 5.63 billion today. Yes – billions.

How mature is the market?

One question that arises is whether the cryptocurrency market can get such a large amount of Shiva Inu coins, because the total market capitalization of Shiva Inu coins is a little less than 40 40 billion, and this wallet contains one-seventh of all coins. Circulation.

At the time of purchase, the user has exchanged ET 3,400 in wETH (Rapid Etherium) coins for Shiva coins. Let us be reminded, Shiva was created later Dogecoin cryptocurrency Like a meme coin, without any actual use value. Let us remind you, the price of a coin meme depends only on its popularity, and not on some practical application, as in the case of Bitcoin and Etherium cryptocurrency.

What is Shiva Inu
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The popularity of memes

The first big jump was when Shiva Inu cryptocurrency Elon Musk showed off his Shiva Ina dog, Then there is the huge increase. Shortly after the presentation, the founder of the Shiva Ina coin sent half of the total coin to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Etherium Foundation, who, after forwarding some of the money to the charity, The rest (90%) are “burned”, It is being sent to a dead blockchain address.

Vitalik justified the decision by saying that he did not want to take control of the scale and that it was better to let it go.

She has skipped DOGE

According to the latest situation, SHIB must Previously by DOGE When it comes to market value, it now ranks 9th, just before its biggest competition.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies

Top 10 cryptocurrencies
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Exchange Office and NFT

There are at least two reasons why the SHIB currency has a rising trend. One of the most important reasons is of course the listing of Shiva Ina cryptocurrency at the big exchange office in the last few months. Add to that the fact that one of the largest providers of cryptocurrency payments – NOWPayments has added SHIB coins to the supported list, and there are additional reasons to increase demand and thus the price of SHIB coins.

Shiva Inner Development Team has launched its own Line of NFTs Known as Shiboshi, which means another aspect of the 10,000 NFT demand that users pay with SHIB coins. When you combine these two things, the increase in Shiva currency seems to be completely justified. And another reason is that it is wise to invest in cryptocurrencies early and resist the urge to sell them as soon as the first growth begins.

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