Anna Korach talks about her new boyfriend.

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Source: Instagram / ana_korac / prinstcreen

Anna Korak’s boyfriend found himself in the spotlight when Tarkalet revealed that he had received a car worth 70,000 euros from her, but that his dog had received the same gift and paid 400 euros for his car.

Starlet does not hide how happy she is for the attention she has received and now she has revealed that she loves it very much.

Also, Anna mentions that her boyfriend is not known to the public, but their love is fresh and still in its infancy.

“I have a boyfriend. It’s something new, something new. It’s not a serious relationship, it’s in the beginning. It’s very beautiful, I’m in love. I’m always in love. Whenever I have a relationship, I’m in love, I have those butterflies, It works for me. It’s from here in Serbia. He’s not known, he’s known to my society. In reality, no one. ““I ask for others,” said Anna Korach on the show.

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