The girl, who lost 45 kg in seven months, said that she had suffered in that journey!

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Elizabeth Wise is a girl who has struggled with obesity all her life because of which she was harassed by her peers, but also a man who told her that “she should be happy to be with him because she is really huge”.

Ever since I started school, I have been the oldest child in the class. My weight was closer to that of a teacher than that of my peers. Everyone in my family is obese and I was very aware of why I kept a baby since childhood, but did not succeed. The kids keep making ugly comments about my weight, They called me ‘fat’ and laughed when I struggled to physically run“, Elizabeth tells her story.

He says he never felt like he was anywhere, he didn’t fit anywhere and She felt particularly stressed in high school because of her physical appearance, where she felt “like the only obese girl in school”. It affected everyone, so Elizabeth, who was always a great student, got worse grades.

I was in some unhealthy relationship because I was interested in love and acceptance.I remember someone saying to me at the time, ‘You’re lucky to be with me because you’re really fat.’. I thought I would always have to agree to such things and I would never be really happy. “

In high school, she says, she had Huge mental health problems – She was diagnosed with clinical depression, even several times a day she had suicidal thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks.

Several psychiatrists and psychologists worked with her, but there was no significant improvement, on the contrary – Elizabeth began to injure herself.

My life got out of control and I lost all hope. I was sure I was doomed to be unhappy for the rest of my life. “People tried to stay with me and help me, but I was completely isolated,” Elizabeth admits.

After an extremely intensive therapy lasting eight weeks, things started to get better in terms of mental health, but after returning to school he was confronted with ugly comments.

“Rumors started spreading and everyone said I was crazy, I heard a group of girls who said I shouldn’t come back,” he recalls, adding that the most incredible thing in his life happened then.

“I got a new request to follow on Instagram, from a guy named Dario. He started liking my post, we corresponded for a while and exchanged numbers and two months later he finally invited me to a meeting and the rest is history!”

Elizabeth says that no one has ever loved Darry before.

He was with me all the time, going to every psychiatrist’s exam so I wouldn’t be alone. He always reminds me that I am beautiful and strong. He was better than any antidepressant for me. My weight never bothered him, and I was twice as heavy as he was. People made fun of me, they criticized me for being with someone my size, but he always defended me. I always thought I didn’t deserve it, but he reassured me and showed that I deserved love and respect, ”he says.

Elizabeth mentions that love has completely changed her life – she finished high school, got a dream job and went to college.

“My life was finally getting better, but I was gaining weight,” this girl admits Eating like ten people.

“For one meal, I’ll eat five donuts, ten mozzarella steaks, four chocolates, Chinese fast food, ten chicken medallions, a large portion of French fries and a large milk shake.”

At that moment, Elizabeth was 136 lbs And “He wondered if they would soon become 300-pound people,” about whom there is a show.

“I cried to Daria that I wanted to lose weight, but I never tried. She would tell me I was perfect, but she wanted to make me happy.”

Because of his weight, however, he has suffered many health problems – She had prediabetes, digestive problems, polycystic ovary syndrome and all the doctors told her she needed to lose weight.

It all helped him when he accidentally came across a post on Facebook of a girl who was losing weight with the help of weight watchers and then he started following other similar profiles and it inspired him.

And he Wet joined Waterser, filled the fridge with healthy food, and went to the gym. Already in his first week, he has lost more than five kilograms and Dario has always supported him.

“He was with me in every training, food preparation and measurement.”, Said Elizabeth, who, after losing 23 kilograms, began to reveal everything about herself to inspire others.

And then, he said, he felt the support of many, so he did She has lost 45 kg weight in seven months!

This girl says that she is very proud of herself and she enjoys sharing her newly acquired knowledge and experience with people and like 36,000 of them follow her on Instagram.

“Everyone can change and no one can be unhappy forever. I am grateful to everyone who helped me and I want to repay by helping others. I have become a true warrior.”, He said at the end.


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