The Red Star basketball players claimed their sixth victory in the regional tournament. They were alone in second place with only one failure, after defeating Budoknost and FMP in the seventh round. They defeated Zadar at Krešimir Ćosi Hall (83:73) and are looking back at the unbeaten Partizan, with whom he will meet next weekend.

After the match, Dejan Radunjic, coach of the Serbia and Adriatic champions, indicated that there are oscillations that the team must work on.

BC Red Star BC Zadar

Photo: ABA league Zadar / Zvonko Kucelin / ABA league

BC Red Star BC Zadar

There were a lot of situations where we were good, but there were situations that shouldn’t happen to us. We created the feature and lost it. We could have solved the winner problem in the second quarter, but we made some mistakes. In continuation, everything looked much better, and we again managed to escape from the opponent, and then calmly finish the match. We will move on to the next temptations, and we will try to reduce oscillations in the game – Radongi said, Mozzartsport reports.

In the next round of the ABA League, the eternal derby is on the program. In the meantime, the Red Star will host ASVIL in the European League (Thursday, 19), and Partizan expects Andorra to play in the European Cup (Wednesday, 20).

Video: Dejan Radunjic – Winner


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