The app has broken its promise – that it will never launch a subscription and will not show ads.

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However, its founders have broken a basic and long-standing promise to all users – that it will be free forever and will never contain ads.

Different types of ads have been displayed Telegram application In the group in October, ie. Shown on channels larger than 1,000 users and randomly.

This experimental feature is still being tweaked after the ad was finalized, and the ads will be shown to all users, channel participants, including over 1,000 followers.

So that Advertising off The user must provide a specific subscription, which was personally announced by the application’s founder Pavel Durv: “We have already started working on this new function and we look forward to launching it this month. It can be discontinued in the form of a cheap subscription, which will help each user to finance the development of the Telegram application directly and never see official advertisements on the channels.

Of course, if you don’t want to pay, you’ll still see ads.

In addition to the owner and CEO Telegram application It has been found that those who own large channels will be able to block ads on their channel for all users, but only if they pay enough for it themselves. For now, the company is assessing the “economic situation” so that it comes to life very quickly. The subscription price for both the user and the channel owner has not been announced yet, as Telegram is still working to offer this feature to all users, but we will know more when it is ready to be implemented.

Did you say all this – would you use a subscription?

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