It doesn’t matter if they are political or commercial, they work for the one who pays the most.

Computer hackers
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The most hacker group in the world of cyber crime Works or for foreign government, Mostly political goals or goals for themselves, so they attack rich companies to make as much money as possible. However, there are also groups of hackers who work for one with the deepest pockets regardless of purpose.

Looking for hackers

Researchers working on their activities work for most security agencies, and recently a team from the international organization Trend Micro identified a group. Zero sand, Which has been working successfully for six years.

Ineffective Balaur is a special group Data theft The next thing he sells to the more money he pays, be it the government or a rich man. The group was initially linked to attacks on activists and journalists in Uzbekistan and more recently to attacks on Belarus’s presidential candidate in 2020 and other political leaders in unnamed Eastern European countries.

Economic goals

In addition to political candidates, Void Balaour is also responsible for attacks on the directors of a large Russian company in 2020 and 2021. In addition, they were active in collecting and selling information Telecommunication operator, Banks, cryptocurrency users, so Even a gamer.

What the report does not say is where Void Balaur works and whether the group is sponsored by any government, primarily because of the group’s overlapping activities and APT28 (Better known as Fancy bear Or Pan Storm) Supported by the Russian government. However, no one has yet been able to link these activities and establish a relationship between these hacker groups.

A Russian team?

Void Balaur, on the other hand, advertises his services exclusively on Russian-language sites, so there is a strong possibility that these are criminals based in the former USSR region. On the other hand, one thing also speaks in favor of the fact that Void Balaur is not sponsored by the Russian government that they have no problem targeting Russian companies, which the Russian government does not allow.

Top 10 Cyber ​​Attacks of All Time
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Dangerous waters

The whole report explains in a very plastic way how difficult it is to determine the type of hackers, let’s catch them. Cyber ​​tenants are very often in a particularly exciting situation Attack on any target, Without any reservations or hesitations, which makes them particularly dangerous. What the report does not say is that there is a high probability that there are other, similar hacker groups, besides Void Balaur, that are quite good at what they do, and that no one has yet identified them.

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