The famous Chicago Bulls basketball player did not hesitate to say what he had in mind!

Scotty Pipen
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Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, has been MVP six times as well as winning six championship titles with the Chicago Bulls and is remembered as the best player in the history of the game.

In fights and victories with Chicago, Scotty Pipen, a legendary ace who was seen as a “shadow hero”, was always by his side. She has also risen from that shadow in recent years, especially since the release of the cult documentary series “The Last Dance” in 2020.

Jordan’s exploits in the Bulls were described in detail in that series, and Pipen was not portrayed in a very positive light, which annoyed him, as well as keeping him in the background for this success.

When Michael Jordan fell ill before the playoffs, it was presented as if he had come to play from a hospital bed, and he received much praise for it, in keeping with the huge results.

However, when it comes to Scotty Pipen’s pain, it is not usually presented as such, although he suffered from a long and painful injury, surgery …

Here’s what I think about itPipen said in an interview.

I’ll ask you this. Is it easy to play disc herniation or flu? I don’t see much talk about games with back pain, but I do see people talking about games with the flu. Give more …Pipen said.

Jordan and Pipen
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In an unforgettable final against Utah, Jordan finished everything in the sixth game with an unforgettable basket over Brian Russell. If he had missed and if Utah had won the “masterpiece”, the task in Chicago would have been extremely difficult, as Pipen certainly could not have performed.

“No, I can’t anymore. I’ve struggled to get through that game. I’ve struggled for it, I’m still struggling and I definitely won’t play in ‘Masterpiece’. I knew in advance that I could only play one more match. Will and I ate a bite and a small kick from Carl Malone in the beginning. And the next game. “

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