The video, which was made a few months ago in the children’s ward at Nice Hospital, has been leaked today and has provoked violent reactions from social network users across the region.

Children's ward nikčić .jpg
Source: Instagram / Printscreen / podgoricki_vremeplov

The video shows a large rat, probably a rat, roaming freely in a hospital room while a man is thought to have arrived at the hospital, filming it.

The description of the video states: “Also in the children’s section of Nikšić. The recording was made a couple of months ago, but now looking at the pictures of the room, I remembered to send it.

Earlier, a popular Instagram page dedicated to the events in Montenegro published a photo that was allegedly taken at the same hospital and showed mold-covered walls, cracks and collapses.

For now, there is no confirmation that this recording was actually made at Niksic Hospital, so these allegations should be taken with a reserve dose, although it appears that the rat is actually in the hospital room.

Watch the video:

Source: Instagram / podgoricki_vremeplov


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