While still in the early versions of the game, the owners of the Xbox Series X complained about the resetting and shutting down of the more powerful versions of the Xbox console just minutes after the Battlefield 2042 game.

Battlefield 2042
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To access the game before the official launch, you must purchase a Gold or Ultimate Edition game package that costs $ 90 or $ 110, or ক্রিয় 15 per month with an active EA Play Pro subscription. However, despite these expensive tickets, Battlefield 2042 is causing serious problems. Console player.

Quick entry

Just days after opening. “Quick entry“On the official page Battlefield 2042 The forum collected hundreds of comments from angry users who complained about the game’s problems:

In a few minutes or so, my Xbox shuts down“, One of the users wrote.

Another said that “Played a few games with friends, and 10 minutes later the next match the Xbox Series X console shut down

This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, since it is simply impossible to finish the game without closing or resetting the console.

I didn’t pay $ 120 for cracking my game and it took me back to the home console menu for each game.“, Another user added, etc.

Some users say that the game starts from the moment you enter it, others say that they can play it for a few minutes until the console is closed, without any warning. EA representatives are really trying to help players who are angry, but testing possible solutions such as the firmware version, which they offer, on the contrary, does not really help.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer
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On the other hand, there are users who have participated in the beta version of the game with the same problem. The EA has not yet issued a formal explanation or proposed a meaningful solution.

Sheep for chop

In addition to the shooting problems in the game, this seems to be one of the problems that BF 2042 players face. A tool for creating and hosting games Battlefield 2042 Games Will call Battlefield Portal. In addition to the fun mode 1 as opposed to 64 Or Only play with knives, The portal server is used to collect XP, to unlock various things in the game in a more simple way.

Battlefield Portal
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However, one of the things that is happening at the moment is very funny, sad and ridiculous at the same time. Players connect to the XP collection server in the hope that in order to unlock their favorite items in the game, they will realize that they are sheep brought to the slaughterhouse, and that XP is making money from them.

Farm for XP

The firm for XP is a server where a group of players usually gather and fight bots that appear with very few health points. This means pointing the rifle where they appear and cutting the battalion in half with one blow. On some servers, bots appear without weapons. About like this.

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Since DICE has announced that it will scale the XP earned on the Battlefield Portal Server, users have come to a conflicting situation. For example, servers are set up to receive new players only when the team playing against the bots is full and then anyone joins the game next to the bots, which means without a weapon or with very few points, the winner without any chance.

Heat the popcorn and enjoy

To make matters worse, not everyone understands what is happening right now, so it is interesting to see distracted players attack tanks and heavy machine guns with knives in the hope that they will do something. That way, the other players effectively put you in front of the firing squad, and they get more points because they don’t kill the bot, but the actual players … maybe a little bit. Boost the comp before the new year And Battlefield and similar games are played on purpose, with the mouse under the right and the WASD buttons under the left.

On the other hand, it is comforting to know that most players, wanting to take shortcuts to experience points, have become flocks of sheep on which others collect points. Action is … you know.

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