The disruption of Google Cloud service has affected the work of other platforms, users are not working!

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Google Cloud crashed on Tuesday evening, two weeks after an important announcement was made about changes to all users’ Google accounts, triggering a chain reaction of the services on it. Read Snapchat, Discord, Spotify and more!

The problem is also noticed by many sites that still have “404” or their loading time is too slow. Google spoke briefly and said the issue would be resolved soon. Many services have crashed or encountered problems at the same time, which usually indicates problems with the provider rather than difficulties in managing individual services.

Google said the problem lasted about an hour and was reportedly already resolved, but many services are still not fully operational. “The Verge” writes that it reflects the work of applications such as Spotify, Snapchat, Discord, but also the numerous sites of companies and manufacturers that rely on Pokemon Go games, Rocket League, Google Cloud.

The last major drop in Google services was GMail’s “shooting” in March of this year, but there have been no major setbacks since then.

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