With a goal at the end of the match in Lisbon, Aleksandar Mitrovic took Serbia to the World Cup.

During the inclusion of the video in the “Ami G show”, the brave attacker joked about himself on this account, which is how he got it.

– It was necessary for this goal, luck and knowledge, luck in the right place, the knowledge to hit the ball correctly with a big head for me and go into the goal, Mitrovic said first in the aforementioned show.

The Serbian footballer added that it is time to rest and plans to make the performance in Qatar as good as possible.

We must enjoy these moments, there is a lot of time until the World Cup, and there we want to go as far as possible and present Serbia in the right way. We want to dominate, we are going to play with the best and this is the place to see where we are. However, we are going there to harm everyone. We will do our best to present our country in the right way. Here, the children are already calling me, and I have to go on a trip, and your questions are becoming curious. Greetings, Mitrovic joked at the end.


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