The selector of the Serbian national football team, Dragan Stojkovic Becci, and the coach of Bertizan Basketball Club, Zeljko Obradovic, spoke tonight on the “Prva Tema” program about the Serbian national football team and its arrangement in the World Cup in Qatar.

Stojkovic recalled how it all happened that day and explained how he managed to maintain self-confidence before and during the match and pass it on to the players.

When asked how he knew the Serbian national team would win, Stojkovic said that at the beginning of the year, he said he believed in his work and that he saw huge potential in our players. He says that this is one of the prerequisites for the success of the coach, he must have the materials with which he can work.

I was simply very self-confident and committed to, given a very difficult and demanding group, but there was simply a deep belief and I was able to transfer that positive energy to those who were the main actors and that is the players – says Stojkovic.

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Zeljko Obradovic says that Stojkovic has certainly raised the morale of the players and stresses that coaches are leaders and when they act like this the players follow them. He says he can now only congratulate Pixie on her success and qualifications. He points out that not only this match contributed to this success, but, as he says, the last match that will lead to the World Cup should have been played.

– Brilliant, wonderful, really colossal success, said Obradovich, commenting on the victory.

Knowing Pixie, he adds, he won’t stop there, but will only start working now.

Knowing Dragan, I’m sure he’ll do everything so that it’s not just fun in that sense, we’re going to the world championships and we’ve finished it all, but now we just need to start working. I am sure that they will have the greatest ambition possible and I wish them all the best, of course – says the coach of the basketball club.

He adds that the resounding success led to Dragan instilling in the players the belief and desire to succeed.

Commenting on the moment he received the yellow card, Selektor Stojkovi said that he deserved it, but simply could not control his emotions. He says he told the players that if they conceded a goal, they kept calm.

– It’s nice to imagine something, you have a picture in front of you, what you imagine is happening, it’s a really nice feeling – Pixie explains how he felt during the match with Portugal.

He says he was not on the field for the last four minutes during the match.

– The moment I saw the guys started running, I knew it was a goal. Later I saw the referee raise the board by four minutes and then I said to people, I don’t want to lose that feeling for some of the bullshit that happens in sports. I said I had no more time and went to the locker room and waited there for you to finish. When I saw the Portuguese who were there entering the tunnel with their heads bowed, I knew we had won – he says.


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