Kristian Golubovich has commented on the most recent developments between Dalila Dragojevich, Philip Carr and Dejan Dragojevich, but also reveals what he expects from Maza Marinkovich’s entry.

Ivana and Christian Golubovich
Source: Kurir / Damir Dervišagić / Kurir TV / Screenshot

One of the participants in Cooperative 4, who cheated with singer Christina Spalevich and his wife Ivana in front of the camera, expressed what he actually thought about the triangle.

“If I had to, I wouldn’t be able to, but I would never have been able to deceive Evan into believing that he was by my side. I don’t understand the emperor, either for the real story or for the spotlight Need that kind of embarrassment? Now it applies to those who like to have another man’s wife and girlfriend for themselves. You really have to be An annoyed person living with a woman whose husband is still there and wearing her wedding ring on her hand“, Christian said and commented on the insults that Emperor Delilar had inflicted on the account.

“She admired Minar among the stars, and then she was a cook, and she wanted to make a baby for him. Best for Mazar … I told Mazar, in an office, she went to pump her mouth and got ready for the cooperative. … ‘Oh, I bought her perfume and everything, and she landed there’, I say ‘Mayo, what do you expect from her?’ She says she was fine, I say she attacked you and insulted you? Eat his wife, I’m sorry! It’s a disaster! If I were the most moral, I wasn’t, and if I were the most immoral, I’d be ashamed. I’d be ashamed to cheat on Christina with Ivana at the cooperative, and she’s there. To make our marriage worse, I don’t know what he did, “said Golubovich, adding that Dalila Dejan had threatened to sue.?

“If someone is abused, let them know. There is no greater shame, harassment and humiliation for a birth wife or husband to see you sleep with another person. What could be more harassing than this? It’s mental-physical harassment. There is nothing. Do it, because a completely normal boy, if he could somehow punish them with a stick or jump on them, it’s different. It’s mental and physical torture. What right do I have to sue him? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Christian also revealed what he expected from Maza Marinkovic’s entry.

“A catastrophe, like Janjus on stage. I hope he eats with Janjus in front of the emperor to get him back, Maza is such a vindictive one. .

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