Coming from another continent made a big mistake because of a long awaited interview.

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After a long hiatus, British singer Adele has recently released a new album and on that occasion she has interviewed many foreign media outlets, including “Channel Seven” from Australia. However, no one expected that the presenter of this television would be suspended due to the interview with Adele.

Mentioned television host Matt Doran traveled to London for an interview with Adele, but the story ended in disgrace when he told her he had only heard one song.

The interview with Adele was a big deal for this television, primarily because it was the only Australian media outlet that had the opportunity. As mentioned, after the conversation, the singer asked the host what he thought of his long-awaited fourth studio album, to which he replied that he “did not listen to her until the end”, which angered the singer.

Little did I know that I had received an e-mail review of his album, which was published a few weeks after my London trip.“, The foreign media host said and added:

It was a surveillance that was not intentional. This is the most important email I’ve ever missed I will regret it forever

It was also reported that Adele had left the interview with him, but Doran claimed that this was not true.

He did not leave, in fact the opposite happened. The conversation was supposed to last 20 minutes and it lasted 29 minutes“, He said.

Due to the omission, the presenter received a two-week suspension.

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