Those who found themselves at the scene could not believe what he was doing.

A man is defecating on the street
Source: Instagram / Printscreen / moj_beo_grad

We often think that we have already seen everything and nothing can surprise us, but there is a situation that reassures us. Thus a new video appeared on social networks, which was made in the evening near the monument of hunger in Belgrade.

You see, a man stopped a car in traffic, He stood beside the car without any shameWhere, in the absence of a nearby toilet, he decides to defecate.

After “finishing work”, he just got in the car and continued driving, as if nothing had happened, and those who found themselves at the scene were shocked by the scene and its action.

“Report him to the police, it’s forbidden by law”, “He knows how to choose a place”, “Oh God”, some comments from users on the network.

Watch the video:

Source: Instagram / moj_beo_grad


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