A new type of network will be ready for the World Cup premiere in Qatar from November 2022.

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Source: SmartLife / Ericsson

It started one year in Qatar World Cup And in addition to sports, it will be a presentation Modern technology – 5G network first!

The companies Erickson i Oredu (Telecommunication Operator in Qatar) has been collaborating on a joint project for some time to provide an unforgettable 5G experience for football fans. World Cup 2022.

Great test new guy 5G network And the infrastructure for high-speed, broadband Internet will be built at the Qatar Regional Sports Event, which runs from 30 November to 18 December this year, and the experience gained in those weeks will be immediately applied to the planning and implementation of the new 5G. Network for FIFA World Cup.

Millions of fans from all over the world who come to Qatar to play in the World Cup, football and Serbian national team performance, The maximum 5G speeds achieved through smart network optimization and event management and simultaneous 5G connectivity to eight stadiums in six cities, as well as dedicated fan zones, airports and Qatari attractions and cultural monuments.

Strong RAN network, Provided by Ericsson Tools, Ooredoo will provide Qatar with a brand new mobile broadband connection with extremely high network speeds, low latency and high data transfer capabilities, allowing anyone to chat, video call and send photos and videos locally directly from the stadium. And all over the world.

The network will not be crowded, and users will be able to experience new forms Virtual and mixed reality.

Match viewers will enjoy a new level of real-time interactivity in high resolution and fast streaming sessions. We believe it is made with full HD and 4K video transmission, as companies have not yet provided detailed specifications in that domain.

Ericsson 5G network
Source: Ericsson

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