It is not limited to Android 12 users.

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And just as we celebrate the New Year, Google has delighted us with new options that will get the most Android users, not just the lucky ones. Android 12 (Which is still at the level of non-existent statistics).

At this time, Google was driven by the needs of everyday users of its operating system, but especially user-drivers, who will know how to use several. Android car improvement.

Let’s see what Google has added to several Android versions:

  1. YouTube Music, Google Play Books and Google Photos (People & Pets) get new widgets for phone screens, tablets and Android Auto devices.
  2. Lucky people who have Android 12 can now use their phone as a digital key to unlock cars. For now, it’s BMW, but the list goes on.
  3. Linked accounts have added the Family Bell option to notify the whole family at once – send everyone a message at once and let the bell alert them.
  4. The Memories option in the Google Photos app will create reminders for all users of past New Year’s Eve, Christmas celebrations and winter moments in the snow or on the go.
  5. Automatically reset permissions for all applications, including those that have not been used for some time. This option will enhance privacy and prevent such applications from running on the phone system, if not already in use. This option will be enabled for all Android devices from version 6.0
  6. Great Google Board (Gboard) application, e.g. The keyboard has received thousands of new emoticons, with Christmas and New Year motifs appearing first.
  7. Android Auto will be activated automatically when car and phone are connected
  8. The Android Auto feature gets a new always-on play button, which will activate the music app of your choice to listen to music along the way, prioritizing downloaded albums, songs and playlists so you don’t waste the Internet.
  9. The voice-to-search option on the Android Auto platform is faster and can recognize voice better.
  10. Android Auto gets more smart templates for quick reply to emails, SMS or other messages. If you have Google Assistant enabled, it will also be able to answer whatever you tell it (it is still only reserved for supported languages ​​- English, French, German, Italian ().

Finally, it remains to be seen if the last two functions will be added soon, that is, for all users by December, and the rest is already on our phones.

And before the news ends, another interesting thing- Emoji Kitchen A new “laboratory” for creating cooking emoticons, so if you’re in that style, expect an option soon that is now only available on Gboard, that is. Google board application.

See the announcement of some new options!

10 new Android options for all video users
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Google Photos People & Pets Widget Video
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Family Bell Android Video
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Resetting license for Android VIDEO application
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