Last year, an Austrian female surgeon was punished for amputating a patient’s wrong leg.

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An elderly patient’s right leg was removed instead of his left, and he was diagnosed with the defect just two days later, the BBC reports. A court in Linz today convicted the surgeon, 43, of serious negligence and fined him 2,700 euros.

The patient’s widow was also given 5,000 euros in compensation before the case came to court. The patient went to Freestadt’s clinic last May to have his leg amputated, but the surgeon identified the wrong organ for the amputation, AFP reported.

The defect was detected during a routine change of the bandage and the patient was told that he would have to amputate his other leg. The hospital then said the incident had taken place. “The result of a series of unfortunate situationsThe director of the hospital publicly apologized at the press conference.

In court, the surgeon said there was an error in the chain of command in the operating room.

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