It’s as if this year was written somewhere for great dramas on football fields.

And it was as if it all started with those scary scenes when Eriksen shocked the world. Now there is drama in “Westfalen” during the big Bundesliga derby between Borussia and Bayern in the German League, which was interrupted in the 66th minute after the terrible confrontation between Julian Brandt and Daewoo Obikan.

Namely, the two collided in a jump, the thick end being pulled by a German who hit his head on the grass during the fall and remained lying motionless. Then the panic began.

The players of both teams panicked and called for help from the side, because Brant did not move on the field, and then there was a break for several minutes while he was offered help.

After a four-minute break, this footballer was taken off the field on a stretcher in the hope that he would be fine, and the entire stadium sent him applause.

By the way, the German derby ended with Bayern winning with a score of 3: 2, Brant and Holland scored the goals for the “Millionaires”, while the “Bavarians” Lewandowski won with two goals. and koman.

In the video, the attractive girl of the legendary boxer


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