An unusual Christmas tree burns in Bucharest.

Source: YouTube / Screenshot / RT

It was set up at one of the largest vaccination points in Romania and, interestingly, This Christmas treeThree meters high and mostly made from empty bottles of the Pfizer vaccine.

The tree is made up of a total of 19,000 empty bottles illuminated by LED lamps. The concept of this decoration was born in March 2021 and the staff has been working on this project since November.

Workers, they say, stayed up until two in the morning after work to make this Christmas tree.

The wood we have is mostly made from Pfizer bottles that we have been collecting since March 1, 2021. About 19,000 bottles were used to make it. The bottom layer is made with modern bottles, and the gifts are made from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, “said Dr. Radu Christian, coordinator of the vaccination center, adding to the AP:

“We want to thank all those who have been vaccinated here. We want to show how grateful we are that they have chosen our center for vaccination, and 200,000 of them,” he added.



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