We would say that Apple stands in a place where it is natural, out of the top 10.

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Cupertino-based companies are a perfect example of a marketing strategy Others, but better And the master of improving what is already on the market – Apple simply takes what it has and improves it through its ecosystem.

The iPhone rarely comes up with anything really innovative, but that’s why it makes efficient use of existing possibilities from other companies.

This is shown by the latest list of the most innovative companies in the world, which he created Capital untapped The company traditionally, at the end of the year.

Huawei 9,739 patents filed and already there, a Samsung Second year in a row – 9,499 patents. It’s interesting that this is about Samsung Electronics Patents, and are on the list Samsung display, Who filed another 3,524 patents.

Occupies the third place BOE technology Screen manufacturing companies, among others, and IV Company Qualcomm. This is the fifth place LG, Although he moved away from smartphone manufacturing.

They are in the tenth place of the list Tencent, Baidu, Mentioned Samsung display, Intel i IBM. Behind them is Apple, which filed 2,925 patents in 2021, almost three times less than Samsung and Huawei. Still, that’s enough to take Apple six places, but not enough to make it to the top 10. IBM has seen a significant drop in seven locations, which has slowed sharply with patents this year, but also Robert Bosch (Drops by nine positions) and Mitsubishi Electronic (Like 12)

Among the other big companies, which we often refer to on the SmartLife pages, Shaomi 18th place and five places ahead, Google 22nd and falls by one, a Erickson Has advanced to three positions and is now the 16th most innovative company in the world. TSMC, Which we often refer to nowadays, has moved up to 10th position and 14th globally, but Baida has grown the most, jumping to 7th position, i.e. advanced 21th position.

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