It’s been less than a month, and Mike James has already prepared a new big incident.

Then, in the middle of the match, Zvezdan Mitrovic sent an American into the locker room to cool off, which happened again tonight.

James started the match between Monaco and Olympia in Milan on the bench, and only got a chance at the end of the first period, which he clearly did not like.

He entered three minutes before the end of the first quarter and did not remain in the game until the end of this section.

Sergio Rodriguez escaped him in one attack, mainly due to his poor defense, then Mitrovic brought him back to the bench, which angered James.

He approached the coach and entered the discussion, one of Mitrovic’s assistants sent him to the dressing room.

Mike James did not return for the match until the end of the match, he only spent 2 minutes 42 seconds on the field and during that time only lost one ball.

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