An innovation in the payment industry that transforms the current generation of Android smartphones or tablets into a non-communicable POS terminal

Visa contactless payment by tap to phone
Source: SmartLife / Visa

Eventually, it began to be applied in our country as well Tap on the phone (TTP) Solution, which will enable Serbian vendors to accept any amount of communicationless payments on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Even the smallest companies will be able to pay their customers for the card without entering a PIN code, just download and register the RaiPOS application Selected banks In just a few minutes.

Visa Tap Phone Solution Practically converts Android smartphone And tablets in software POS terminals, without the need for the retailer to purchase additional hardware.

Thanks for being extremely safe EMV standard and encryption technology, Tap to Phone is safe to use as a traditional payment terminal.

In the payment industry, this innovation brings many benefits to customers who will be able to pay in just a few seconds by connecting their wireless card, smartphone, watch, bracelet or any other wearable device to the merchant’s TTP terminal.

This is it Quick, easy and secure way to pay, Brings less and more benefits to consumers than checkout, as they do not have to carry cash. In a recent Visa survey, nearly half of respondents (48 percent) said they would not shop at a store that only offers payments that require contact with a cashier or card reader.

The epidemic has permanently changed the way consumers pay around the world, and uncontacted cash in distribution has become the most desirable. This solution contributes to reducing the digital divide between enterprises of different sizes and allows small and micro enterprises to be equally competitive.

How Visa Tap to Phone Video Works (MobIT)
Source: Visa Communications

Prior to launching the solution in Serbia, Visa conducted a perception survey of micro, small and medium enterprises. Click on Digital Store, To test their attitude towards Innovative payment acceptance option. According to the study, seven out of ten respondents in Serbia are open to this technology, and they cite practicality, protection in the context of an epidemic, and mobility of solutions as key benefits.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, tap-to-phone technology already exists in 10 markets. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia i United Arab Emirates.

Visa currently has partnerships with 18,000 TTP terminals and 26 customers.

What do you think about this type of payment?

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