It’s not easy to be different in today’s market, especially in the segment that everyone wants to impose, but the Watch GT3 has done just that in a subtle but clear way.

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When it comes to choosing a smartwatch, things aren’t easy at all – there are more models out there and they look like each other.

Users are quite confused, because a large number of manufacturers offer very similar models of smart watches, which are virtually the same both outside and inside, and their prices are also different.

Huawei has crossed paths long ago Smart watch Competition, because from the first model it is known for its long battery life, excellent sports function and now quality health monitoring.

The new generation of Huawei Watch GT 3 watches for men and women are a few steps ahead of the Huawei Watch GT 2 series and far more than its competitors.

When we say that we don’t mean in terms of hardware, there’s good (of course), but above all we mean software improvements, which brings some unprecedented options to the Huawei Watch GT3 series watches, but also those that were missing from the predecessors.

Source: Huawei

First, the watch is available in a recognized Huawei design – the men’s model Huawei Watch GT3 with 46mm leather and silicone bracelet or Elite version and the women’s model Huawei Watch GT3 with 42mm leather and silicone or bracelet. Metal in modern colors. The women’s watch weighs only 35 grams, and the men’s about 43. The AMOLED color screen for both watches is the same size, the men’s watch is 1.43 inches and the women’s 1.32. Both watches are made of stainless steel (not aluminum in the case of competitors) and have plastic around the rear sensor.

This time the RAM is 32 MB and the memory of user data and files or music is 4 GB and ARM Cortex-M processor and HarmonyOS 2.1 software To connect to Huawei, iOS or Android devices. The watches work using the standard Huawei Health app and support the transfer of conversations via Bluetooth and have a speakerphone speaker. Since watches are waterproof in five atmospheres, they also have an additional function, which vibrates the speakers to get any water out of the watch case.

The watch’s carefully designed crown can be used as a navigation key to launch the menu, but can also be used to cruise through vertical options. Clock screens are predictable, touch-sensitive and enable a new gesture management system.

The Huawei Watch GT3 watches use a new dual-band GPS system that monitors the L1 and L5 satellites, allowing for more stable connectivity and faster connectivity via petal map navigation, which can be used directly on the watch (for speakerphone voice guidance). Or maybe Listen through the FreeBuds headset Directly connected to the clock). Such as scanners. The sensor, designed to monitor heart function, is of the latest generation, made up of eight photosensors, which are more accurate when measuring and do not allow the presence of interference during measurement.

Another novelty is that now the Huawei Watch GT 3 Series is compatible with any type of wireless charging and does not require a special device with a PIN to charge. Place it on any cordless charger or phone with this option and the watch will charge.

The novelty is a reminder for proper hand washing, a counter for drinking a glass of water, as well as breathing exercises to relax under stressful situations. There’s still the well-known route back option, which allows you to get back to the same route you took without using GPS, but we’re sure everyone will love the battery that lasts up to two weeks!

Some of the more important options are: Changing the clock face, over 100 exercise modes, all-day SpO2 monitor (oxygen in the blood), sleep monitoring, AI running trainer, non-stop stress monitoring and of course – the app, through the AppGallery store on the Huawei Health app. Is downloaded.

Watch orders are available Priced at 38,999 RSD for a model of 42 mm (Which is about 330 euros) and Priced at 47,999 RSD for a model of 46 mm (Which is about 408 euros). With the purchase of the Huawei Watch GT3 46 mm or 42 mm, from December 13 to the end of the year, you will receive two additional bracelets as gifts for the selected watch.

Source: Huawei

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