Erber canceled his participation in Melbourne due to disagreements with health protocols in place in Australia, which require every tennis player to be vaccinated in order to participate in the popular Ozzy Open.

Thus, the multiple Grand Slam champion became the first tennis player to openly refuse to obey the rules.

Pierre Ego Erber

Photo: IAN Langsdon/EPA;

Pierre Ego Erber

– This is optional. I know it can complicate things in my business. “I don’t know if I could be a tennis player today without getting vaccinated,” Erber said.

He can boast of titles in all four major slams in the doubles competition, winning one title except for Ronald Garros, who won the title twice.

He won the Australian Open with compatriot Nicholas Mau in 2019, where they celebrated Henry Kontinen and John Pearce in their title fight.

It was his double partner who commented on Erber’s decision not to vaccinate.

– In Antwerp, he told me that he did not want to be vaccinated and that he was aware of the consequences that could result. He knows what complications this decision can cause. This is a very personal question and I do not want to get into an argument. I’m just saying that it is not easy to maintain such an attitude. So I don’t know how long he will hold his beliefs. Mao said it would be necessary to see to what extent all of this would hinder him from playing the sport.

Less than a month ago, the French duo also won the Masters final in Turin and showed that they are in great shape. However, they will not have the opportunity to attack the new title in Melbourne together.

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