Ice on the summer version of the Tizana iPhone.

Source: Instagram / ticamaksimovic

Starlet Tizana Maksimovich, better known as Tizana iPhone, is already proud that she will soon try as an actress in an American film, but she also said that she does not know English, so everyone is wondering how busy she will be.

While the acting is perfect or, perhaps, not working in English, Tiana is clearing the iPhone snow. Yes, you read that right.

Not in any other version, in white shorts!

Footage of him clearing snow with a shovel appeared on Instagram and was photographed by his friends.

“The director’s shaking”, someone wrote next to the video that he posted on his profile and later: “Why nervousness, life is beautiful”.

The action was to clear the snow around her parked car and watch the video of her cleaning in a thin dress at 0 degrees:

Source: Instagram / ticamaksimovic

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