If you ask pirates – The Witcher Season Two has already premiered.

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About a week before the broadcast The second season of the Witcher series, Which is scheduled for December 17, the first copies of several introductory episodes have appeared on the Internet.

Although at first no one believed that this is the real thing and some wicked people are trying to deceive the gullible users – it is all true, these are really the new season’s The Witcher episodes.

Netflix has invested heavily in filming the series, especially in the inhumane conditions of the epidemic, and viewers have had to wait two years for it to air, with pirates denying it through a single press release and releasing the series online.

Upstairs The internet has leaked The whole episode, so-called Screener copy, For special audiences, mostly for critics and professionals, but the material is obviously a bit of a misnomer, with some sharing the rest of the pirate team.

Like pirates, pirates prefer to be considered the heirs of the selfless Robin Hood of the fashion society, have not spent hours and The Witcher Season 2 Already on the Internet, and Netflix producers are shocked, even “on the machine”, as young people would say.

Torrentfreak Consider site bookmarks Web-DL In the episode file names, this means that the copy came from a web source, so it will be very difficult for Netflix to find the culprits, especially since the episodes have no labels other than to start and stop Netflix spikes. Video quality varies depending on the size of the file, but all copies seem to come from the same source.

Don’t watch this kind of series, just watch it – thousands of people have worked for it, as we said in a completely insane state, which you can find on the YouTube site (a short documentary was made about how the two seasons came to be). All of these people deserve to see the series where it should be seen – on Official Netflix account!!

The good thing about this is that Andrej Spakowski is a writer Witcher sage, Says the director and screenwriters have done a great job and can’t wait to see what happens in the third season – wow, has he already announced the new The Witcher season ?!

Tomorrow, December 17, with the impressions of the first episode here!

Witcher Season 2 Trailer Video
Source: Netflix

Witcher Season 2 Netflix video
Source: The Witcher Netflix

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