However, after the duel itself, some chaos reigned in the area in front of the stadium, when the fans of Feyenoord were waiting for the bus of the Ajax football player, and they clearly revolted after the defeat of their players.

What happened? The hooligans were ready to wait for the bus with the “spear” players at the main entrance, which was used by the bus driver, who drove to the side, and left the perimeter of the stadium peacefully.

The events also took place on the eve of the big derby match, when the police arrested 64 fans for rioting before the duel, and most of them, according to Dutch media, were arrested for insults, violence and fireworks.

And the match itself was held without the presence of the public due to measures aimed at combating the Corona virus, but that did not prevent the rioters from continuing the events in front of the stadium.

In the city center, but also in the vicinity of the stadium, the police presence increased significantly, indicating that there were many people who used fireworks, and a group of about 100 to 150 fans targeted law enforcement officers.

The same match ended with Ajax winning 2-0.

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