Gabriel Boric, 35, a former leader of the student movement and a leftist leader, has been elected the new president of Chile.

Gabriel Boric, the new president of Chile
Source: YouTube / Printscreen / L. Expectator

Gabriel Boric, the son of a leftist and Croatian immigrant who became famous during anti-government protests, was elected Chile’s new president after a stormy campaign against a candidate who compared himself to Donald Trump.

Of the 46,887 polling stations reported on Sunday, 68 per cent, Boric had 55 per cent of the vote, while his opponent, MP Jose Antonio Cast, had 45 per cent.

Cast acknowledged defeat and called on his opponents to congratulate him on his “great victory,” as supporters of Boric gathered in downtown Santiago to celebrate.

Boric, 35, has become Chile’s youngest modern president. He was among several activists elected to Congress in 2014 after leading protests for improved education.

If elected, he said, he would “bury” the neoliberal economic model left by Pinochet and raise taxes on the “super-rich” to expand social services, fight inequality and strengthen environmental protection.


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