Each December, Yahoo Finance selects the best company of the year based on market performance and achievements of the year, as well as the worst company of the year based on the votes of the company that visited them the most during their year.

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Yahoo Finance is the media arm of the Yahoo Network that deals primarily with financial news, including stock exchanges, press releases and financial reports, and is a critical authority on financing.

This year he has been selected as the best company Microsoft Initially due to the market capitalization exceeding 2 2 billion and in the period from one year to December 16, 2021 the share price has increased by 53%.

Last time champion

On the other hand, the worst company of the year is not chosen according to business success, but a poll is conducted among the site visitors, where they vote for the company that bothered them the most last year. Robinhood and Nicola were at the top last year.

Robinhood, a stock trading company, hurts customers when it stops buying Gamestop share Which recorded a big jump in January 2021. On the other hand, the startup that works with trucks, the Nicola company won last year as the worst, and since it had no business success this year, we believe that the anger of users has led to failed investments.

Believe it or not

In the first place, Facebook was much ahead in the competition, recently got acquainted Target, The same company led by Mark Zuckerberg. This year, Facebook has faced a lot of controversy as well as a large number Serious allegations By its former employee Francis Haugen who claims that Facebook has deliberately ignored security issues in the interest of growth.

Facebook received 50% more votes than the second-ranked Chinese e-commerce The giant Alibaba, Due to complaints from a large number of users. Facebook censorship, on the other hand, was on the wallpaper because of the suffocation of freedom of speech, but also because of the political influence, especially during the epidemic when the number of victims fluctuated in many countries.

In addition to political Facebook, he was criticized for the (bad) impact on children and young people via the Instagram platform, especially after the organization was aware that Instagram badly affected Teenage girls have problems with appearance, but they do not want to deal with it.

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It is also interesting to note that one third of the respondents said yes Facebook (Meta) He can free himself by acknowledging his mistake and donating a significant portion of his profits to a foundation that seeks to do better in the world in various fields. It doesn’t help much that Facebook meta by changing its name in the chaos of complaints, which many saw as a way to draw attention, one of the strategies often used in such situations.

Mark Zuckerberg has changed his Facebook name to U Meta
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The other five worst companies of 2021 are Alibaba, AT&T, Nicola, Tesla And Citadel Securities with Robinhood’s stock trading platform that people still can’t forgive the gamestop scandal.

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