An armed intruder (19) was arrested after breaking into Windsor Castle in Berkshire yesterday, as the queen was preparing to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Windsor Castle
Source: YouTube / Printscreen / Sky News Australia

Anonymous sources said the man was armed with a crossbow and used a ladder made of rope to climb a metal fence, but police declined to say exactly what he was wearing, only an “assault weapon”.

After climbing the outer wall, the man was seen on surveillance camera walking in the garden of the fort around 8:30 am. Armed security forces rushed to the spot within minutes.

It was not immediately clear if the intruder came to the queen’s private chambers. Police confirmed that he did not enter any building and quickly blew up any terrorist motives.

Last night, a 19-year-old Southampton man was arrested on suspicion of “breaking into a safe place” and possessing a weapon that could be used for assault.

Crossbows are often called “deadly but legal” because they do not require permission or registration and can be purchased online.

Within an hour of the security incident, the Queen, who feared Christmas at Windsor instead of Sandringham for fear of Covid, welcomed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to the castle.


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