The last days of 2021 brought us a very strange situation in the Israeli championship match.

Former Red Star striker Richmond Bouashi was the leading scorer in the Jerusalem derby, as his Betar side, as the host, drew 1:1 with Hapoel.

Boacci scored his goal in the first half, with the help of angry ex-Partizan rival, Marko Janković, to lead his side.

By the end of the match, Hapoel equalized in the 91st minute through Ondrej Pak, and it seemed that the points were divided.

However, this match will eventually be scored with a Beatar victory, thanks to the great omission of the guests who finished the match with six aliens on the field, while according to suggestions, it is possible with a maximum of five players. play at the same time.

The detail that decided the match was the entry of Cletus Nomble in the 75th minute, when the Ghanaian midfielder replaced host Jay Hadid. Previously, there were three Nigerians on the field, one Czech and a footballer from Ivory Coast.

In the end, the shock of the guests and the great celebration of the hosts ensued, when the representatives of the match realized that the match would be scored with a 3-0 victory for Betar, which would equal their rival in the city in eleventh place.

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