Angara should restore Russia’s space glory, for which the Soviet Union was once known.

Russia's Angara rocket has been successfully launched into space
Source: SmartLife / Agara

Russia has performed Successful launch The new generation Angara rocket, Roscosmos space agency has announced.

The Roscosmos agency said in a statement that the Angara-A5 rocket took off from the Peseck military space port in the north of the country on December 27.

Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin announced via Twitter that the launch was a success.

This is the third test launch of the Angara rocket since 2014, built as part of a program designed to replace the obsolete Proton launch vehicle whose technology was developed in the 1960s.

Angara, named after a river in Siberia. Using cleaner technology And kerosene-oxygen rocket engines, which pollute much less than proton rocket propellants. Officials also say that Heavy duty Angara missiles It is more environmentally friendly than its predecessors and because it is powered by oxygen and kerosene, and not highly toxic hepatyl. However, the program, whose concept dates back to the 1990s, is still late and the first rehearsal deadline in 2014 has not been met.

Russia’s space sector has been plagued by a series of corruption scandals, budget cuts, delays and unpleasant technological events since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The sector has been trying to look better in recent months, among other things, announcing ambitious space tourism plans, such as the recent launch of a Japanese billionaire into orbit.

Russia’s space program sent the first man into space in 1961 and launched the first satellite four years ago.

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