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New controversies over the ABA League.

Legendary basketball player Toni Kokoç believes that the biggest problem in Croatian basketball is that the best players cannot play for the national team due to the significant wear and tear of the NBA.

The famous Croatian also spoke about the ABA regional league and how much it is needed here.

Tony Kukui

Photo: Profimedia

Tony Kukui

I talk a lot about the fact that our biggest problem is that our best players can’t play for the national team, even when they come in, some of them come in to wear that national team jersey, they’re exhausted to the fullest from the many commitments in the NBA League. You need to find a formula whereby the best players can play for their national teams in order to qualify for the World, European and Olympic Games. Until that happens, we’ll have problems. We have quality players, but the best five or six play in the NBA. This is our biggest problem. If we play with a full squad and have some continuity, I don’t see us having problems qualifying for the big competitions – says Kukui for HTV.

Since the emergence of the ABA League in the former Yugoslavia, there has been an ongoing dilemma as to whether it is needed and how important it is to the development of players.

– I think that our basketball players, in order to reach a certain level, need to play strong matches. If it’s a regional ABA, where there are such matches and they play with better competitors, it’s good for them. Our players who are now in the NBA have played this league and gained some experience. Toni Kokoç said it would be great if Croatian clubs had more money to do something bigger in this league, but that is not the case at the moment.


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