Follow the TV on the twentieth now what is happening in the bar!

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Tonight, the bar was saved by the decision to produce Una Manik, although there were fewer votes from his audience and another nominee and favorite of the audience was Maza Kovachevich.

Damir Tepavac was chosen as the favorite by the audience, and the winning team with more money was Dejanin, so he will go for the prize tomorrow.

Follow what’s happening at the bar after tonight’s exciting Nomination Live On courier television!!

See what it was like when the hottest contestants were in the hot seat:

Come to the bar, meet the contestants and enjoy the atmosphere at Vlajkovićeva 8!

Bar This is a real reality, because it is based on a bar that really exists, with real participants, with real guests. Participants in the BAR reality show have to work and make a living – to buy utilities, an apartment and food. Without their fight 30,000 euros, Competitors will have to keep the bar at his feet, as it is a completely new place in the city center, at Vlazkovicheva 8. 15 of them working, attracting guests, animating with their performances and drinks. , And made BAR the most famous and most visited cafe in the city.

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