Severina delighted everyone with the latest video on Instagram and she used the famous replica of Radmila Savichevich from “Happy People”.

Source: Instagram / severina

Severina has proven that she is not a bad singer, so she has released a funny video and shows how she manages with iron arranged from head to toe.

She dressed things up for the purpose of filming, and in the background you can hear the famous reptile of the actress Radmila Savichevich from the series “Happy People”, where she played the role of Ristana Riska Golubovich.

“God, what have I done wrong to punish me like this? And a cleaner, and a cleaner, and a housewife and a toilet! What else will they give me?”

Severina added in a comment:

“… and the singer? Thank you for this recorded, great, very Radmila Savichevich moment. While I’m supervised by the professional hair and facial services.”

Also check out Severina’s photos that “burned” Instagram this summer:

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