Tell us – how do you wish Christmas or how do you usually do it?

Christmas greeting card message
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Let’s get straight to the point – although we do what we do, we feel that Christmas and the holidays should not be greeted in a modern way, especially not. Ordinary SMS or multimedia message, As much practice in modern times.

Traditional moments should have the magic of connecting them and uniting people, but sometimes we are scattered across the country and around the world and sometimes we are prevented from doing so by epidemics, so social networks and IM messages come in handy, although we should Don’t lose and with the message we congratulate the holidays according to tradition – without exaggeration in any sense.

When it comes to Christmas, SMS messages have been around for some time, however Applications such as Viber, Is more important than gathering or calling on the telephone.

This is why we look forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve.

Pole, we deliberately left the crown, because – it must pass, and we’ve congratulated many more on Christmas so far, so decide on some answers as if there were no crowns. Of course, this year, if need be, be more responsible for yourself and those you love, and because of the epidemic, wish you a Merry Christmas with an appropriate message instead of live.

And let’s not forget – the best of luck is Christmas. “Christ was born“Or”The peace of God, the birth of Christ“And answered with”He was really born“And that’s enough, both live and via message!

How do you like Christmas?

  • Viber or similar.


  • Live, I see people.


  • I call on the phone.


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