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Behind the fans of the hottest sideshow in the world, there is a rather instructive day in the transfer market.

On the sixth day of the transitional period, a great deal of speculation was seen, but without concrete signatures and official declarations of the greats of Europe.

It appears that the previous part of the transition period was mostly based on the Premier League, so we are expected to receive major blasts soon from Al Jazeera.

Gareth Bale

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Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale coming home?

– Even the birds in the branch are aware of the Welshman’s situation at Real Madrid. Controversy, harassment, everything has been in Bell’s residence in the capital of Spain so far. However, the club where Bale grew up, Southampton, has suddenly emerged as a lifesaver! Specifically, according to the Spanish media, the English club is more than interested in returning its former student to the “St. Mary’s” stadium with the new owners.

Cotten’s departure from Catalonia is inevitable, the next stop – Birmingham?

It seems that the torture of Brazilian midfielder Coutini, one of the most talented players in the Old Continent region, is over. The Brazilian’s ring in Barcelona was more than unsuccessful, and it seems that he will return to England, this time to Aston Villa. “Elvis” and Barcelona are currently agreeing on the latest details regarding the loan from Cotten at Birmingham, and according to local media, the English club is ready to shoulder 60 to 70 percent of the Falki’s salary on his shoulders.

Koeman changed his mind and settled in Munich

– Despite the allegations of the past few days of announcing the departure of Bayern Munich, French winger Kingsley Coman has agreed to a lower salary and it appears that he is still one of the club’s players from Bayern! It seems that after the “Alaba affair” Bayern will once again succumb to the manager’s demands, but it seems that the end result will still be favorable to both sides.

Luis Diaz

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Luis Diaz

Liverpool sends an astronomical show to Porto! targeting? Luis Diaz!

– A bomb exploded from the island, here’s a concrete thing! Specifically, Liverpool are in serious negotiations with Porto regarding the Colombian winger Luis Diaz! According to local media, the “Reds” are ready to allocate 70 million European banknotes to Diaz’s services.

Perisic at the exit door, two from the German League, a possible alternative

There are chances that Croatia international Ivan Perisic will leave Inter in the near future. On the other hand, the Italian newspaper “Gazzetta” reported that a replacement for him will come from the German League, and the main candidates for this are Filip Kostic of Eintracht and Rami Bensabini of Mönchengladbach.

Ridiger awaits a career contract, Chelsea is still in the game

– As was said many times in the previous part of the transitional period, Antonio Riediger will certainly be one of the main topics. The current Chelsea goalkeeper is already going through serious years and is in no hurry to decide on the choice of a new club, knowing that this is one of the last chances to land an astronomical contract. Given this fact, staying in London is not an impossible option either.

Diego Costa

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Diego Costa

Diego Costa’s return to Europe imminent? Spaniards in first grade

– Brazilian striker Diego Costa aroused a lot of public interest, after he hung the flag of Spain on social media a few days ago. There has been speculation for some time about the return of the former Atletico and Chelsea goalscorer to Europe, and “Marca” wrote that Eibar is the first in his services.

Chelsea and Bayern in the Serge Desta race

– As with Kutinja, it seems that a similar fate awaits Seržin Desta. The American defender is at the exit door of Catalonia, while Barcelona expects only 20 million European banknotes for him in compensation. The European greats have “smelled” badly, and the first in the American race are currently Bayern and Chelsea.

Sevilla reject Newcastle’s offer to Carlos

Further evidence of the strong work of the Premier League so far comes to us from Spain. Specifically, “Al Arabi” Newcastle sent an offer to Brazilian goalkeeper Diego Carlos to Seville. The amount is still unknown, but when you take into account that the Spanish club indicated that the price of Carlos is 80 million euros, it is almost certainly not a small amount of money.

Urus Chorzevic

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Urus Chorzevic

Djordjevic moves to Primera?

– Former Partizan striker and Montenegrin player Urus Djordjevic is on the wish list in the First Division of Cadiz. The Primera member is ready to pay Gihon a compensation of two and a half million euros, and ten percent of the transfer will go to Olympiacos of Greece.

None of Genoa, “El Pistolero” arrives in Florence!

– Despite the fact that returning to Genoa was a done deal, Krzysztof Piatek is the new Fiorentina player! The Polish striker joins the ranks of the “Viola” from Hertha Berlin and will be a replacement for Dusan Vlahovic. It is a six-month loan with a recovery option of 16 million euros.

Maitland Niles arrives in Rome

Arsenal’s current midfielder, Ainsley Maitland Niles, will soon arrive in Rome, where he will join the Roma squad. The great Italian player agreed to all the conditions with Arsenal, so the young Englishman will play on loan in the “Wolf” shirt until the end of the season.


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