“After Novak’s announcement, Morrison was strategizing on how to get home as soon as possible.”

Novak Djokovic and George Djokovic
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Picture of Novak before the tour of Australia, with which he announced that he Got a medical discount, Was it really “the trigger for Australia to react so harshly and unjustly to the best tennis player in the world?”

“I think it was a stumbling block,” his brother Jordaj Djokovic said as a guest on Serbian radio and television during the trial of the world’s best tennis player in Melbourne.

“Mr Scott’s (Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia) was tempted to show the public that the picture he published, that he was going to Australia with a medical exemption … because Novak came and wrote that he had received a medical exemption, so some people were angry. The whole Australian policy, because there are still Australians who cannot return to the country, and tennis players are coming in for a second year, with the exception of quarantine … “, Djokovic said.

With that photo, Novak announced that he was coming to Australia, at the Australian Open, but after arriving at the airport, he felt Catastrophic, humiliating treatment. What does this picture look like?

“She answered forcefully.”

The prime minister responded strongly to that outrage, and when Novak posted the picture and it went viral, while Novak was on the plane, Morrison devised a strategy to bring Novak back to the country and told him that he had nothing to do with Australia, the great world power. The gameSaid Novak’s younger brother.

Djokovic also cites the example of Czech tennis player Renata Vorakova, who entered the country without medical problems, settled down, competed … and then, after the scandal and Djokovic’s arrest, she too The refugees have been kept in hotels.

“We saw a Czech tennis player who came and played a tournament with the same exception as Novak, so they brought him home ten days later. To do.

“They are starting to talk about these athletes with the exception that they are the biggest threat to Australia. We are talking about very sharp political action, there is an election going on, there is a terrible fight going on, Novak should not be involved in everything. Australia did not need it.” “It’s going to have a big impact. We’ve heard that Australian taxpayers can pay a big bill after a trial, but there will be a lot of big bills after that because they have lost their reputation,” he added.

In the end, Jordaj Djokovic insisted that no one should be treated that way, especially the best athletes.

“Even if he makes a mistake, and he doesn’t, you can’t treat an athlete like the country you have diplomatic relations with and leave the ambassador of one of the best athletes of all time. I think the picture is very clear, Novak’s victory, the truth. There is a great opportunity to bring to light and show people the real truth, to get justice. He will be there – I don’t know, it’s just a court decision, so Novak’s decision, “he said.

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