The old source of the most popular annual list is dead – so we found a new one!

The best torrent site
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This year Torrentfreak It doesn’t even list the most popular torrent sites, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build it with a few other sites.

This year we’re giving you an expanded list, which still has the top 10 torrent sites, but complemented by the advantages and disadvantages of each site and a recommendation for the best positioning of any type of content.

Also, finally, we have answered all your questions so far in one place, what are torrents, whether they are valid, Do you need a VPN?, Which, for that reason, and a few more, so we definitely invite you to read this news, which you will not find anywhere else in the end.

Top 10 torrent sites for 2022:

  1. Best for Pirate Bay: The simplest interface, nostalgia, still works
    Advantages: Famous, solid library … Disadvantages: often like this, miner through your PC.
  2. YTS.AM | Best for: Movies
    Advantages: Always getting new content, high quality … Disadvantages: can die at any time …
  3. 1337X | Best for: The largest library of active content 7
    Advantages: Lots of links to choose from, download speeds … Disadvantages: virus files, content organization.
  4. Torrentz | Best for: Music
    Advantages: Great library, good interface … Disadvantages: ads, ads, ads.
  5. Best for EZTV: Series and TV Productions / Shows
    Advantages: Secure, good library … Disadvantages: ads, suspicious scripts in the background …
  6. Zooqle | Best for: Fastest download, hard content
    Advantages: Reliable, good library, nice content description … Disadvantages: It often crashes, slow downloads …
  7. Torrent download | Best for: Content that isn’t everyday
    Advantages: Good search system. Disadvantages: Advertising again! Slower to download.
  8. LimeTorrent | Best for: Newcomers
    Advantages: No ads, good organization … Disadvantages: Bad copy of this site, often blocked …
  9. Torlock | Best for: Anime
    Advantages: Intuitive, easy to use, content … Disadvantages: poor search, slows down internet connection …
  10. RARBG | Best for: quality, rare materials
    Advantages: Quality of content, blogs and news … Disadvantages: Advertising slows down the internet connection.

Torrents – The answer to the question

What a torrent: Torrent refers to any file shared on a decentralized P2P network, such as Limewire, for example. It works by joining a network of other systems using a program or application that either contains a saved file or is currently being downloaded at the same time.

Is the torrent invalid?: Depending on whether the content is being downloaded with the permission of the creator or the content is being downloaded without the copyrighted permission. The first type of possession is completely legal, but the second is punishable by piracy and current state law.

Have you seen me download torrent?: Yes. If you use torrent, anyone can see your IP address.

Is it safe to use torrent?: Basically, yes, especially if you use a VPN. We only recommend downloading legal torrents which are not Copyrighted, So that you do not encounter problems with laws or infected files that have not been verified and poorly rated, e.g. Description file.

Should I use a VPN?: VPN improves your online privacy, which means your IP address will not be recorded when you download files from the torrent page. In addition, it is possible that your ISP will take action if you regularly download torrent files. When using a VPN, Your ISP will not be able to see what you are doing, which helps you avoid slowing down. Also, using a VPN, you will be able to see torrent sites that are otherwise blocked for some reason.

Which VPN is best for torrent: Everyone wants to choose a reliable VPN with high speed and a large number of servers that allow the use of torrent content. However, it is important to use a so-called VPN. “Switch” when you are disconnected. That way, your IP address will be hidden regardless of your connection status.

Torrent message

And, of course, before we end this year’s list, we note again that downloading copyrighted material through Torrent is not valid And that includes potential legal consequences in Serbia, the region and many EU countries, Europe and the world!

Be careful what you download and use torrent responsibly! Pay for the content you are looking for, if it is illegal on these sites, because the content you see, hear or use for entertainment and business is home to a large number of people who have worked on it and why they will not receive any compensation. Download Illegally !!

Do you agree with the list? Do you visit torrent sites?

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