The Total Cookie Protection option is the most powerful reason to switch from the current one to the Firefox Focus mobile internet browser.

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Institution Mozilla Like other companies, it has always been strong in protecting users’ privacy, not just in words, like other browsers.

We’ve been actively using Firefox for a long time and have included all services that prevent tracking via the Internet, Facebook links and the network itself have been placed in a “container” and we also use plug-ins to block anything that is not needed. Website (We give you all these suggestions, we know you will be grateful to us)!

Options Total cookie protection Web Browser enables users to automatically enable it from the moment it exists, and is now available to mobile users Firefox Internet Browser.

As such, the Firefox Focus Internet browser for mobile phones has become the best choice for most users, at least for those who care about their privacy.

Total cookie protection Like a virtual cookie jar. Cookies, Which puts Firefox Focus in its special virtual container so that sites cannot access them and follow you on the Internet based on cookies – AD BLOCK programs work similarly when it comes to advertising. This is the first mobile web browser that offers smart simulations to trick sites that users may load if they can’t access their cookies that don’t want to work.

This is an option Google Order i Microsoft Edge You certainly won’t find it, so the suggestion to switch to the Mozilla Firefox browser may make a lot more sense now, because they really follow our every step!

After all, Mozilla has made great strides in the quality of Internet browsing, and we’re sure that a large number of users won’t even notice it working with the new Internet brpwser.

Do you think it’s time for Mozilla?

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